Nadine’s Note-A-Day. 10.1.10

Inspired by Kyle Steed’s Post-A-Notes, I have started my own “Sticky Note” project.

In an effort to show my wife just how much she means to me, with simple daily reminders, I have started Nadine’s Note-A-Day.

Clearly, they are not to Kyle’s caliber, but that’s missing the point. The point is, I love my wife and this is a simple, daily way I can show her what she means to me.

I give you Nadine’s Note-A-Day for 10.1.10.

sticky note 10.1.10

Note 10.1.10

Pardon the crappy, retouched photo. I went back to my LG Venus to save some money and it’s lousy compared to my BB Storm. 🙁