Got Themes?

I do. I don’t like any of them. Well, that’s not entirely true. The current theme from Site5 is okay, and it allows for a little customization from someone like me who doesn’t know .php. But it’s not my Theme. I’ve downloaded Thematic, which is pretty outstanding as a starting point, but that’s just it… a starting point.

The reason I’m theme unhappy is because none of them are my theme. They are someone else’s hard work and effort that I spend a little time tweaking to meet my needs, adding a custom image, changing the color of links, etc. To truly be happy with WordPress as my Blog/CMS of choice, I think I need to learn how to create my own themes.

Look out WordPress, here I come!

Edit: You’ll notice it’s no longer the Colorbold Theme… It’s now Thematic Power Blog, in case you were wondering.