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p5js sketch
Where have I been? Busy! What I thought would be a potentially calm year this year has been a whirlwind. I started school in January. I am taking online classes through the Minneapolis College of Art and Design on my way to an Interactive Design and Marketing certificate. I started with web development basics. It was great to solidify my foundation of HTML and CSS Read more
my learning to paint face
I dislike painting. A lot. It's messy. It's easy to mess up, hard to fix. It's hard to control and so inexact (sorry, except for those crazy photorealist types). You have to be willing to look past your subject and paint from the background forward. Pay attention to all of the subtleties, the light and shadow, each intricate hue. Have I mentioned that I dislike painting? Read more
I'm a technology geek. And it's hard for me to give away or get rid of things I paid a lot of money for when new, but aren't worth any money currently. Case in point. The iBook G3 I'm currently typing on. It got me through college. It was stupid expensive for me back then and it's worth, at most, $50 today. It's old, pretty slow, and I thought, useless. Read more
Where do I begin? It has been a crazy two weeks. I had my family in town for a week. Sure, it's always nice to see family, but now that I have three boys of my own, it's also stressful. It's Grandma damage intensified and multiplied! During that same week, it was prep for one of the biggest shows of the year at my new job. There's just a lot of extra work that needs to be done, last minute, on-the-spot! Read more